Huisregels – Gashouder

House rules

•             In case of emergency, instructions of the location manager, security guards and/or in-house emergency response organisation must be followed.

•             You are not allowed to bring your food and drink, canned and glassware, soft and hard drugs, fireworks, weapons and other dangerous objects. Gashouder/Westergas has the right to confiscate the aforementioned objects on inspection without being liable for compensation. This can only be deviated from in writing between the parties.

•             Threats, assault and other forms of aggression, sexual harassment, racism and other forms of discrimination are prohibited. 

•             In the event of a violation of the house rules or other impermissible behaviour, Westergas staff may notify the person concerned to leave the venue and the grounds immediately. This may result in denial of access or confiscation of the access pass provided, without Gashouder/Westergas becoming liable for damages towards the person concerned.

•             Audio and video recordings may be made. Upon entering the venue, the visitor agrees that Westergas may use these recordings for publicity and other purposes. No rights may be derived from the cooperation of these recordings or their publication.

•             In special cases where public safety reasonably requires it, Gashouder/Westergas may demand a search of (hand) luggage carried by visitors. If this is considered reasonably necessary, specially trained personnel can also request the person concerned to cooperate in a security search. If cooperation is refused, the person in question may be denied (further) access to the location without being able to claim compensation and/or reimbursement of costs.

•             (Domestic) animals are not allowed at the location.

•             Employees of Gashouder/Westergas have access to all buildings and all parts of the buildings at all times, including backstage. 

•             Smoking is not permitted in Gashouder/Westergas venues.