Gashouder concerten 2024 – Gashouder

Once a factory that kept Amsterdam's lights on, the Gashouder is now a stage for world-class acts. Read the story behind the Gashouder Concerts 2024 campaign here.


In 1803, the Westergasfabriek was built and became the largest coal gas factory in the Netherlands. At the time, coal gas was used to light the streets of Amsterdam. In the years that followed, production increased and major innovations and expansions came, such as the construction of the Gashouder in 1903. The more gas was pumped into the Gashouder, the higher the building became.

After its closure in 1967, the buildings were given monumental status decades later. In the early 1990s, adventurous entrepreneurs and artists discovered the old factory site. A new beginning, with art and culture as its driving force. Since then, the Gashouder has been a venue for special, large-scale events, such as the Holland Festival, Awakenings and UNSEEN.

9 energies

The Gashouder is part of Westergas, Amsterdam's cultural district. The character of Westergas consists of 9 energies: Art, Family, Photography, Film, Music, Theatre & Performance, Mind & Body, Food & Drink and Nature.

Each design in our branding represents an energy and the distinctive look is inspired by the soundscape formed when you pronounce the word. During the Gashouder Concerts, one energy in particular comes to life: music.

Culture stage

Westergas wants to create a stage for every form of art and for a diverse audience: from young to old and for every budget. A historic place that provides inspiration and energy to visitors and artists, where renowned names return and new talents develop. The Gashouder Concerts are an important part of this. In fact, during its events, Westergas also conducts research to make the Gashouder a stage for everyone. A place that makes Amsterdammers and locals proud.

In the near future, Westergas plans to build a basement under the Gashouder where all the facilities needed during large-scale events, such as cloakrooms and toilets, will be placed. A versatile solution, restoring the monument's appearance and significantly reducing the need for temporary facilities. This means no more tents outside during events and the Gashouder together with the green Westerpark are kept safe.

The Gashouder will become a special place for this and the generations that follow. Find out about concerts & events at the Gashouder here .